Vegan Quesadilla

We use gluten free brown rice wraps as they are the cleanest gf wraps we’ve found so far,  and the price is pretty good too. For the”cheese” I use hummus, it tastes cheesy when it’s warm,  although it doesn’t have the same stringy consistency, but it’s so much healthier than fake vegan cheese.  For the rest of the filling, get creative,  or just use up what you have in. Ideally I would put some black beans,  tomatoes,  onions,  avocado, corn,  salsa and nutritional yeast for extra cheesiness. However, I have made them using, cucumber,  carrots and black beans,  humus and mustard when that’s all I’ve had in the fridge.

To cook,  heat up a heavy skillet, once hot add small amount of organic olive oil or coconut oil,  just enough to lightly coat the bottom of the skillet.

Add the wrap to the oil for about 20 to 30 seconds,  then flip,  add humus to whole surface then add rest of ingredients to one half only,  fold in the middle to create quesadilla shape,  cook out first side to desired crispness, then flip and do the same. Voila, the perfect vegan quesadilla. Ok,  so it’s not going to fool anyone that it’s got cheese in it,  but it tastes pretty darn good 🙂